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What I offer

coaching services



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Brain Based Coaching

What is brain-based coaching?

This type of coaching is not a set program, it is a conversation held with a coach using the power of positive feedback, solution-focused, self-directed learning to help you work towards the changes you desire in your life. It is a structured approach that ensures the coaching is focused and stays on track while stretching you in various ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

How does this type of coaching work?

6 – 12-week coaching engagement working towards positive change to achieve aspirations or dreams. A minimum of 6 weeks is required depending on the needs of you the client.

Teen Coaching

What is teen coaching?

This coaching focuses on your teen. We either look at following my teen program or depending on the need of your teen at the time, we work towards what needs to shift and change. I also can debrief any EQ assessment should your teen wish to explore their EQ on a deeper level.

How does this type of coaching work?

4-week coaching engagement working through my teen program one on one or coaching in an area specific to the needs of your teen.

Enneagram Coaching

What is Enneagram Coaching?

The Enneagram is a powerful tool on your journey of self-development, relationship building and conflict resolution. It is an archetypal map. I use this to help clients have deep reflection into themselves and use the information provided to guide them towards self-development

How does this type of coaching work?

4-week coaching engagement exploring your Enneagram report. This deep dive into your report will help you gain deeper insight into you and how you can begin work towards self-growth and eventually self-mastery.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

What is emotional intelligence coaching?

Emotional intelligence is about being smarter with your feelings, connecting your rational head with your feeling heart. I use EQ as a part of all my coaching however this type is specifically focused on debriefing any EQ assessments done.

How does this type of coaching work?

4-week coaching engagement exploring and discovering your emotional intelligence through any of the 4 emotional intelligence reports available.

The 4 available assessments:

SEI – Full emotional intelligence assessment diving into your personal EQ (Youth version available)

Brain Brief Profile – 1 page report on how a person’s brain processes emotional and cognitive data (Youth version available)

Brain Talent Profile – 1 page report on how you can leverage your brain talents to guide you to live a more effective life (Youth version available)

Brain Discovery Profile – 1 page overview of both the Brain Brief Profile and Brain Talent Profile (Youth version available)

Public Speaking

I believe in sharing our stories we can own them and re-write the ending. Being courageous permits others to do the same. I offer public speaking opportunities where I am happy to share my experience as a breast cancer survivor or speak on a topic related to coaching, emotional intelligence, boundaries, brave conversations, and all things teen related.


If you would like to book me at your next function as the speaker, please click on the link below to get in touch and we can chat further.  

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