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This type of coaching is not a set program, it is a conversation held with a coach using the power of positive feedback, solution-focused, self-directed learning to help you work towards the changes you desire in your life. It is a structured approach that ensures the coaching is focused and stays on track while stretching you in various ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.




6 – 12-week coaching engagement working towards positive change to achieve aspirations or dreams. A minimum of 6 weeks is required depending on the needs of you the client.






The Enneagram is a powerful tool on your journey of self-development, relationship building and conflict resolution. It is an archetypal map. I use this to help clients have deep reflection into themselves and use the information provided to guide them towards self-development




4-week coaching engagement exploring your Enneagram report. This deep dive into your report will help you gain deeper insight into you and how you can begin work towards self-growth and eventually self-mastery.




I believe in sharing our stories we can own them and re-write the ending. Being courageous permits others to do the same. I offer public speaking opportunities where I am happy to share my experience as a breast cancer survivor or speak on a topic related to coaching, emotional intelligence, boundaries, brave conversations, and all things teen related.


If you would like to book me at your next function as the speaker, please click on the link below to get in touch and we can chat further.



12 week coaching

I would certainly recommend Candice as a life coach, her approach is amazing. She is kind and gentle and honest. She relates to your situations so beautifully. She offered me a place where I could just be me, without any of the multiple masks I used to wear. I felt accepted for exactly who I was and where I was in my life and when you don’t really know who you are it makes the journey so much easier. Candice really saw me for who I was.
I thoroughly enjoyed my 12 weeks and am very sad that they have come to an end. Was it worth it ?? Absolutely, I can feel the change, people are noticing the change. In a nut shell this journey has been for me LIFE CHANGING. I will be forever grateful to Candice for “holding the space “ for me to be able to find the real me and be happy with who I am. Confident that I am enough in all things always.


12 week coaching

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me. From the first day I met with you three months ago, I was a completely different person to that I am now. So much gratitude.
You managed to dig deep enough to bring out the person that I was meant to be…which wasn’t an easy job! You truly became my mentor, and not just a life coach and helped me through a very difficult time in my life.
I am happy to say that I am now in a career that makes me happy and fulfilled. My self-worth and confidence are steadily getting better every day – all thanks to your patience and dedication.


12 week coaching

Just want to say a huge thank you to Candice for all her guidance, encouragement and amazing advice. I started coaching as I had reached a crossroad in my life and wasnt sure what to do next. She set me manageable goals, and together went on amazing journey, starting a business that I am sure will thrive and achieving personal goals around fitness and kids time. So a holistic balance. Highly recommend Candice for her insight, compassion and candour.


Coffee Date

I have learned to really tune into my emotions with all situations I find myself in. The biggest insight is that there are always more to your emotions, it is like an iceberg and you need to sit with it and find out what other emotions have led you to this point. It is good to share your emotions with other people, feedback and guidance is a big help. We often think our emotions are not valid, but they are. I would definitely recommend attending the coffee chats with Candice. It is a safe space to explore your emotions.


Enneagram Report

Whether you’re seeking clarity on certain patterns of behaviour, feel stuck in your ways, or want to learn more about aspects of your personality, unlocking your Enneagram style can help you do this and more.
Founded in science and carefully researched, the Enneagram tool uses a series of survey questions to categorize a person into one of nine archetypical “styles” – but there aren’t any wrong answers and you can’t “fail” this test. I highly recommend this tool, because once you know your Enneagram style it offers a unique perspective on why we tend to think, act, and arrange our lives in the ways that we do (and how to change that if it’s not serving our best interests). In addition, your custom-made Enneagram report provides an array of tips on how to transform your thinking and actions, if you like, as well as lessons from other Enneagram styles and recommendations on what you may like to focus on next to expand your emotional intelligence and boost personal growth. By learning more about your Enneagram style and integrating that information into your personal or work life, you are primed to overcome obstacles faster and foster strong connections with other people in ways that you perhaps struggled with before. It’s a really valuable tool in any self-aware person’s toolkit towards ever greater empowerment and self-acceptance.


12 week coaching

Over the 12 week programme with Candice I learnt how to accept me as a person. I came to accept that I can’t please everyone all the time, I can’t please myself all the time.
I came to realise that I was also to blame for my feelings towards my husband & daughter. I was looking for problems that weren’t there.
Candice helped my work towards communicating better with my husband & helped me work through some hidden feelings that I didn’t know I had.
My daughter and I have a wonderful relationship & Candice helped me work through the guilt I was feeling for some issues I was having that could have affected my daughter.

Working with Candice has made me grown as a person, move forward with my life and made me realize that I am human. I have made changes in my life and continue to do so all the time. I now know that I can’t change everything overnight, but 1 day at a time.

Candice is a wonderful woman who taught me so much and I would highly recommend anyone to spend some time with her. To be able to be open with someone and not have any judgements, she just puts you at ease.


Unlocking EQ Report

Upon completing the questionnaire into Emotional intelligence, or EQ, from the SixSeconds Emotional Intelligence Network one is issued a report into unlocking or leveraging one’s EQ. In the Unlocking EQ report, results are summarised according to a three-step continuous cycle of Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, and Give Yourself, in any order. Because the results are ranked according to one’s strengths, it’s very clear which traits you may want to work on to kick your EQ into high gear while the analysis also affirms any traits that are worth being sustained for success in the future. I personally like how the three-step cycle resembles a basic pie chart, which is easy to unpack and memorize. And because the segments in the pie chart are colour-coded, the interaction among the three areas is evident and it is easy to grasp what each represents.

Compared to some surveys or questionnaires where the scores or results are purely theoretical, the Unlocking EQ report presents results in a personalized manner, which is as refreshing as it is user-friendly. Asking thought-provoking questions that get to the heart of what it means to be emotionally aware and written in a concise, yet captivating style—the report reads like an invitation into unlocking one’s truest self. I highly recommend taking 45 minutes out of your day to answer the 70 or so questions in the questionnaire and unlocking your own, personalised results-driven EQ report.