Master The Art of Boundary setting & Tough Conversations



These expert guides will help you to set boundaries or have tough conversations with less anxiety and more confidence

Being able to set healthy boundaries with confidence is a courageous step towards unconditionally loving ourselves. Being a people pleaser will eventually have a negative emotional impact on you. If you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, or resentful these are all signs that you may need to set healthy boundaries.

Going hand in hand with healthy boundaries is having tough conversations. Being able to speak up for ourselves with courage starts with our self-awareness. The additional guides you will receive when downloading this product will being to create the self-awareness you need to make the changes you want and the courage to do so.

Over and above receiving the complete guide to boundary setting and mastering the art of tough conversations you will receive the following value adds:

  • Boundary conversations made easy workbook
  • TFA Toolbox workbook
  • Unlocking your core values workbook
  • Free 30-minute zoom master class held every second Thursday of the month
  • Access to the Facebook Group: Braving the Wild
  • Access to a 1:1 coaching session with me at a reduced rate