Break your Perfectionist Patterns


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As Brene Brown says perfectionism is a ten-ton shield we walk around with. Perfectionism is exhausting because it’s about always showing up perfectly, acting perfectly, and doing things perfectly without any mistakes.

Aren’t you just exhausted from reading that?

Do you find yourself saying things like this:

“Why would this time be any different”

“You should have done (x) by now, you are useless”

“I am falling behind; I’m failing at life”

“People pretend to like me”

“I’m a bad parent”

The not good enoughs play a big role in your life. Being enough is connected to your self-worth, self-value, and self-love. There is low self-esteem driving perfectionism.

This voice inside your head keeps reminding you why you shouldn’t, couldn’t, or wouldn’t do something brave. That voice that keeps you small and reminds you very loudly when you have failed.

Perfectionism is a mask we wear to hide our truest self. The masks changes according to our environment. When last did you feel brave enough to pull that mask off and really show your true authentic self?

Fear & shame are the emotions behind perfectionism. Shame loves dark hiding places and when we do make a mistake or fail, shame jumps in isolating us from the world. Fear holds us back from putting ourselves out there. Fear of being seen, fear of mistakes or failures.

What will life look like if you continue on this path? What will life look like if you take the very courageous step and look into the perfectionistic patterns holding you back?

This guide will help you to identify how much perfectionism is running your life and how you can begin to embrace yourself just the way you are.

By purchasing this guide you will get the following as a gift from me to you, to help you truly use this self-awareness to re-shape who you are:

  • Inner Critic visualization
  • Inner Critic workbook
  • 6 ways to stop negative self-talk

If you are ready to take this step toward your authentic self, click on the button below to download this guide.